ZAKE / OSSA-Syntheticopia (12"LP)


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Label:Past Inside the Present US
Listen: Link

Year (release): 2022
Genre, primary: Ambient
Genre, secondary: Dark ambient
Catalog number: PITPZD021
Country of origin: USA

Space is the place - at least, it's the place uppermost in the mind of midwest US label Past Inside The Present founder zake and his sonic partner Ossa - location given as the north pole according to his Twitter - as they embark on collaborative 10 tracks. The fact that that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA to you and me - has supplied them with celestial sound emissions for the tracks is a bonus. But ultimately, the real headline factor once it's actually on your turntable is the vivid atmosopheres and gorgeous textures that the pair are capable of generating. The album's closer, 'Metric Expansion', is a tremulous glory, peaking and slipping away like rays of sunlight. 'Space & Time', meanwhile, is a simple, gliding analogue delight, and 'Drifting' proves you can carve imperceptible beauty from a couple of well crafted chords.

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