Snts-The Rustling Of The Leaves (2x12"LP)
Snts-The Rustling Of The Leaves (2x12"LP)
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Label: SNTS
Listen: Link

Year (release):2019
Genre, primary: 
Minimal techno
Genre, secondary: 
Dark ambient
Catalog number: 
Country of origin:

Deep in rhythm, mystery, and emotion. After completing the double trilogy Chapters & Scenes, SNTS has created this album to show his darker and non-human side. The LP marks SNTS' first full-length album release with a remix from Polar Inertia. A total of 8 tracks make up this release, which will be edited only on vinyl and on limited edition.
"Looking inside oneself, the reflection of the real and the imaginary, the communication between the presence and the disappearance of our ego, the internal battle of the mind. This confrontation with the disappearance of living and existence. Who hasn't ever felt scared of the journey of their own thoughts That rustling of the leaves around you..."

Supported by: Sigha, Positive Centre, Lucy, Manni Dee, Teste, Paula Temple, Rødhad, Terence Fixmer, Electric Indigo, Ben Gibson, Donor, Inigo Kennedy, Radial, Giorgio Gigli, Pfirter, Edit Select, Takaaki Itoh, AnD, Svreca, Casual Violence, Etapp Kyle, Tommy Four Seven, Jonas Kopp, Francois X, Henning Baer, Alex. Do Truncate, Claudio Prc, Bas Mooy, Adriana Lopez, Ryuji Takeuchi, Speedy J, Paul Mac, Angel Molina, Chris Liebing, Iori, Go Hiyama, Flug, Birth Of Frequency, Ben Sims, Juho Kusti, Thomas Hessler, Nihad Tule, Dave Miller, Deepbass, Eric Cloutier.

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