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Priori-Your Own Power (12"LP)


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Label: NAFF
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Year (release): 2021
Genre, primary: Melodic house
Genre, secondary: Deep house
Catalog number: NAFF014
Country of origin: Quebec

Your Own Power is equally steeped in that decade, but turns its attention to trance—the early stuff. Across nine meticulously arranged tracks, Latreille evokes the deepness of artists like Mixmaster Morris and Sun Electric, tapping into the more meditative qualities of trance on a record that is as understated as it is emotional.

Your Own Power is a series of variations on a theme. In an interview, Latreille explained his philosophy on production: "Electronic music, as I know it and as I imagine it, is the experience of being able to set up parameters that allow experimentation and that will take us to interesting places." Your Own Power takes early '90s trance as its starting parameter and proceeds to squeeze every ounce of emotion out of these well-worn formulas. These are 9 songs that sparkle with contemporary sound design even as they harken back to the ageless feels of a orbital sunrise.

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