Perlon Allstars-Superlongevity 6 (4x12"LP)
Perlon Allstars-Superlongevity 6 (4x12"LP)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Perlon Allstars-Superlongevity 6 (4x12"LP)


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Label: Perlon

Listen: Link

Year (release):2017

 Genre, primary: Minimal house
Genre, secondary: 
Minimal techno
Catalog number: 

 Country of origin: Germany

When Perlon started releasing their 'SuPERLONgevity' compilation series in 1999, it was not evident that the name, which had initially been chosen just for pun, would become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now, Perlon is in its 20th year, indeed, and preparing the celebration of this anniversary, the label invites its listeners to enter the sixth round of illuminating expression, once more driven by playfulness and fluffy Swingtime. This time, the journey extends to eight sides with no guidepost except maybe the order to set the controls for the heart of the potoo. 18 tracks unfold their magic formulas to release a cascade of funky blobs. The collection reflects the label's unique interpretation of sound and vision, of caring and sharing, of 'glitches and itches' - by forward and froward thinking artists who set landmarks and break standards for the sake of the sound of the extraordinary. Here's what you will find in this brand-new Perlon toy box that adds one more shade to the corporate color scheme: House bubbles that sound like they come straight from a 'Bällchenparadies". A motor drive with a sexy beat. Tribal dances, warped ballads, romantic fantasies. Heavy bass fundaments with aerial notes that hover above like helium balloons. A meditation machine, chilly chimes, and future clockworks. Speaking things with nonsense as a foreign language.

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