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Moderat-III LP (2x12"LP + Mp3 + Gatefold)
Moderat-III LP (2x12"LP + Mp3 + Gatefold)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Moderat-III LP (2x12"LP + Mp3 + Gatefold)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Moderat-III LP (2x12"LP + Mp3 + Gatefold)


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Label: Monkeytown Records
Listen: Link

Year (release):2016
Genre, primary: 
Melodic house
Genre, secondary: 
Experimental techno
Catalog number: 
Country of origin: 
United Kingdom

You can call them a »supergroup«, but Moderat understands that it's the »group« aspect that makes them interesting. Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary (aka Modeselektor) and Sascha Ring (aka Apparat) have been working together as a trio almost as long as their two separate projects have existed. We've seen their collaboration grow from »laptop boy-band,« (as Ring playfully puts it) in 2003—with computers synched using software Ring himself had written, because at the time, »there was just no live performance software around.« Bronsert explains that» the new album isn't based on jams. We went into the studio and knew exactly what we needed to do.« This is reflected in the sophisticated themes explored in the music. Take »Ghostmother,« which ponders inner peace, acceptance, fear of the unknown and how facing that fear often reveals something not so scary. Or »Running,« which is about being part of a mass that constantly needs to move to function, but doesn't have the power to decide the direction of motion. Or how about the wisdom of »Reminder,« which recognizes the world for its flaws and our role we've each played in that, but choosing to act differently and light the way to something better.

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