Lazzich-Autumn Day (12"LP)
Lazzich-Autumn Day (12"LP)
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Label: Hanagasumi
Listen: Link

Year (release): 2022
Genre, primary: Experimental electronica
Genre, secondary: Deep techno
Catalog number: HANAGASUMI04
Country of origin: Russia

Shine Grooves: "This story began in 2008, at that time I dreamed of launching my own music label and was searching for something unique. I was looking for music in different sources and came across the Frunk29's tracks, this is how I met Marat Shainsky, his release was the first on the Biotronic Records (the label I owned in the mid-00s). Later Marat introduced me to his friend - Sergey Lazarev, aka Lazzich and we immediately put together the next release for the label. It was wonderful and hypnotizing music I had never heard before. After some time we prepared the material for the first Biotronic Vinyl, which was authored by Lazzich, but the release did not happen, due to certain circumstances. And now, 15 years later, the idea comes true, we release the Lazzich mini-album on the Hanagasumi 04. Although Sergey is no longer with us, but his music will live forever. Thanks to everyone who took a part in the search for materials, archives, projects, sketches. Special thanks to Shipulina Yana for providing information and cooperation, Marat Shainsky for the advice and tracks searching, Matvey Andreenko for giving me the large media archive of Lazzich's works, Denis Rooter for designing the cover, Semen Pupyshev for mixing the found Sergey's Reason-projects".

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