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Kölsch-1983 (2x12"LP)
Kölsch-1983 (2x12"LP)
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Label: Kompakt Records
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Year (release):2021
Genre, primary: 
Deep house
Genre, secondary: 
Melodic house
Catalog number: 
Country of origin:

Revered Danish producer and live performer KÖLSCH follows his 2013 hit album "1977" (KOMPAKT 276 CD 107) with the new full-length "1983", again chaining up heroic techno tracks for a grandiose sonic journey to the vibrant heart of today's dance floor. Coupling contemporary production pizzaz with nostalgia-tinged soundscapes and sweeping melodies, this opus acts as both a skilfully composed portfolio of personal memories and a sublime collection of crowd-charming cuts - a modern classic in the making, coming from a master of his craft. 1983 features collaborations with Gregor Schwellenbach, Waa Industry and WhoMadeWho's Tomas Høffding.

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