Kenny Larkin-Azimuth (Expanded Edition) (2x12"LP+1x10"EP)
Kenny Larkin-Azimuth (Expanded Edition) (2x12"LP+1x10"EP)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kenny Larkin-Azimuth (Expanded Edition) (2x12"LP+1x10"EP)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kenny Larkin-Azimuth (Expanded Edition) (2x12"LP+1x10"EP)


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Label: Art of Dance
Listen: link

Year (release): 1994 (2021 repress)

Genre, primary: Detroit techno
Genre, secondary: 
Minimal techno
Catalog number: 
Country of origin:

A staggering collection of Detroit techno-soul music beamed directly into your consciousness from 1994. Kenny Larkin should need no introduction to those whose ears are trained in the ways of the motor city and her musical sons and daughters. He is one of a handful of artists from the city whose original and unique sonic output has helped shape and advance techno as an art form and as a serious musical movement across the world and its galaxies beyond, a formidable DJ, and producer whose music continues to push the envelope today. 'Azimuth' gives us what would be Larkin's first full-length offering, and across 11 tracks of blistering hi-tech machine funk, ambient, soul-drenched rhythms, and futurist club music he deftly crafted a classic. This is the album you hold in your hands now, here in 2021. Originally released on Warp Records, 'Azimuth' is back here in its expanded form of a 2 x LP and bonus 10" reissue. A record that effortlessly sounds like it came to earth yesterday while being 25 years old, a true Detroit classic that still makes waves across the planet today. File under - 'Essential'.

'Azimuth' has been legitimately reissued for 2021 on Kenny’s own Art Of Dance imprint. Remastered from DAT tapes and original sources by Curve Pusher. Designed by Atelier Superplus

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