Joachim Spieth-Reshape (2x12"LP)
Joachim Spieth-Reshape (2x12"LP)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Joachim Spieth-Reshape (2x12"LP)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Joachim Spieth-Reshape (2x12"LP)


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Label: Affin LTD
Listen: Link

Year (release): 2022
Genre, primary: Dark ambient
Genre, secondary: Ambient
Catalog number: AFFINLP06LTD
Country of origin: Germany

Reshape contains musical interpretations by Alva Noto, ASC, bvdub, Warmth, Markus Guentner, Simone Giudice, zakè and Glos. the works are related to original pieces from Joachim Spieth's past creative phase and thus form a musical conclusion to the 15th label anniversary of Affin.

Reshape is everything that’s good about Affin Records, all wrapped up in a neat sunset bow. The sound design is second to none, with the fiercest bass this side of a Ben Frost record, while still sounding as airy and elegant as Nils Frahm or Scott Morgan at their most accessible. 

Reshape reminds us of the endless plasticity of sound in electronic music. It can be bent, twisted, stretched to infinity; curled into luminous neon sculptures or elongated like one of artist Ed Ruscha’s landscape installations. It’s a reminder that nothing is ever fixed and permanent in the electronic ether, that things are always in flux and thus always worth revisiting.


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