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Gas-Narkopop (3x12"LP + CD)
Gas-Narkopop (3x12"LP + CD)
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Label: Kompakt

Listen: Link

Year (release):2017

 Genre, primary: Minimal techno
Genre, secondary: 
Deep techno
Catalog number: 

 Country of origin: Germany

3xLP+CD Artbook

Nearly two decades after the last official GAS album release, Wolfgang Voigt returns to his iconic Ambient project with a brandnew full-length. - NARKOPOP continues the classic GAS aesthetic of symphonic scope and subtle variation, taking the listener on an otherworldly journey to the depths of rapture and reverie. While earlier GAS tracks were often based on the hypnotic effects of looping techniques, the 10 new pieces on NARKOPOP unfold their magic in a more entwined manner, sometimes with the sonic might of an entire philharmonic orchestra, sometimes as subtle and fragile as the most delicate branch of a tree with many. A main characteristic of Voigt's oeuvre, the coalescence of seemingly contradictory stylistic aspects such as harmonious and atonal, concrete and abstract, light and heavy, near and far is also a decisive feature of NARKOPOP.

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