Frieder-Dirt (12"LP)
Frieder-Dirt (12"LP)
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Label: Circles & Stones
Listen: Link

Year (release): 2023
Genre, primary: Melodic house
Genre, secondary: Experimental electronica
Catalog number: CS008
Country of origin: Germany

It's hard to place Frieder in any kind of genre: his sound is unique and impossible to replicate, something in between 80s synth, downtempo and minimal electronica. It's easy on the ears and always keeps you guessing, teasing and cajoling the listener.
He doesn't follow any rules and stays in his bubble: each track is unpredictable. Don't believe it? Listen for yourself :)
Whether you're diving into his world on your headphones, blasting his sounds on your speakers or enjoying the entire vinyl album on your record player - savour each sound to the max.
We present Frieder's debut vinyl - incl. remix by the inimitable Beazar. Enjoy!

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