Dettinger-Oasis LP (Remastered 2024) (12"LP)
Dettinger-Oasis LP (Remastered 2024) (12"LP)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dettinger-Oasis LP (Remastered 2024) (12"LP)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dettinger-Oasis LP (Remastered 2024) (12"LP)


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Label: Kompakt

Year (release): 2024
Genre, primary:
Experimental electronica
Genre, secondary: Ambient
Catalog number: KOM479
Listen: Link

Country of origin: 

Dettinger’s Intershop and Oasis have long been held, by many fans of ambient and electronic music, to be some of the finest albums in their field. Produced by the mysterious Olaf Dettinger, about whom not much is publicly known, they were some of the earliest full-lengths released by the then-nascent Kompakt, and in many ways, they both articulated and defined the sound that would come to be known as Pop Ambient, while also existing, somehow, to the leftfield of any clearly recognisable genre.

Oasis, released in 2000, refined the palette that Dettinger had explored on its predecessor. A blurred crusade of ambient texturology, its unassuming patterns, and subtle, incremental dynamics, admit to real beauty, and a kind of abstract sensuality that you don’t often experience with music that is, perhaps, similarly tooled, but not as poetic. Through seemingly simple gestures – whether lushly expansive repetitions, hyper-acute tremolo tones, or ear-tickling rhythms – it builds complex emotional resonance. It’s no surprise to discover Oasis is held in high esteem by artists like Panda Bear of Animal Collective, who once said of Dettinger, “For us, he was the dude.”

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