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Deepchord-Auratones (2x12"LP)
Deepchord-Auratones (2x12"LP)
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Label: Some Quality Records
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Year (release):2021
Genre, primary: 
Dub techno
Genre, secondary: 
Deep techno
Catalog number: 
Country of origin: 
United Kingdom

A foray into deep, organic, cinematic dance music. Subterranean bass intercepted alien transmissions and stripped-down dance-beats meld with sheets of sounds that roll over the listener like waves lapping up on the shore. Shimmering, watery, brain hemisphere synchronization tones caress and melt stress away. Dance floor-friendly tracks that work equally well in one s private listening space. Immersive music with a distinctive aquatic quality. Inspired by Detroit & Berlin s dance genres, but tempered by more ambiance/atmosphere than one would expect from those genres. Music without harshness or rough edges. Fuzzy, out-of-focus, soft-sounds that slip in and out of the listener's consciousness. Uniquely melds current dance rhythms with lushness and spirituality. Synesthetic sounds trigger sensory experiences in cognitive pathways other than hearing smells of perfumes, thoughts of colors, and altered perception of time and space. Psychoacoustic, cerebral, electronic listening music for those wanting a different experience than the current harsher, darker dance trends are offering. Responsibly made gentle music designed from the ground-up to have a positive effect on the nervous system and leave the listener invigorated and recharged. Chi-building sonic balm. Timeless, exotic dance tracks for a new school of electronic music enthusiasts who are searching for beautiful sounds, crafted with a higher purpose in mind.

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