Bicep-Bicep (2x12"LP)
Bicep-Bicep (2x12"LP)
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Label: Ninja Tune
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Year (release):2021
Genre, primary: 
Experimental electronica
Genre, secondary: 
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Country of origin:
United kingdom

On their debut album, the Irish duo Bicep—founders of the blog-turned-party and label Feel My Bicep—offer a lean and consciously paced survey of UK dance sounds with hints of psychedelia. The Irish DJ duo of Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar, aka Bicep, have always had their hands directly on the pulse of the party. Since rising nearly a decade ago with their infamous Feel My Bicep blog-turned-party and record label, they’ve trotted the globe with their own ecstatic sound. Spanning styles like house, techno, disco, and jungle, Bicep are unbeholden to specific rhythms, scenes, or eras. Instead, their M.O. boils down to big moments in clubs. On their own tracks, they favor a boomy low-end balanced with a keen sense of melody, resulting in a range of dancefloor bombs—from notorious edits of forgotten 1990s classics to futuristic, crystalline anthems. Their eponymous debut album is a varied document drawing on the rich history and variety of UK dance music, updated with sleek, modern sounds, vibrant psychedelic textures, and impeccable production.


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