ASC-The Waves 2x12"
ASC-The Waves 2x12"
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Label:Silent Season
Listen: Link

Year (release): 2023
Genre, primary: Dark ambient
Genre, secondary: Ambient
Catalog number: SSCD22
Country of origin: USA

Recording under the ASC moniker, San Diego-based producer James Clements has released numerous collections of ambient techno inspired by the deepest and darkest reaches of space. But for his latest album Clements has drawn inspiration from a different sort of depths — one that may be more terrestrial and less cosmic, but no less fascinating and compelling.

To listen to ASC's The Waves is to slip beneath the surface of the familiar and enter a shadowy, mysterious world of oceanic currents and drifts. A world that’s as beguiling and entrancing as it is dark and unknown. The result is not just some of the best music of Clements’ career to date, but some of the best ambient techno I’ve heard in ages. With these eight songs, Clements has created evocative soundscapes that beg to be listened to late at night, preferably on headphones and turned up loud to make the experience appropriately immersive.

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