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TRPTYCH-Spawn Apart (12"LP)
TRPTYCH-Spawn Apart (12"LP)
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Label: itsuKa
Listen: Link

Year (release): 2022
Genre, primary: Deep techno
Genre, secondary: Minimal techno
Catalog number: ITSUKA2113
Country of origin: Iceland

The record is an actual journey into the artist’s creative mind and it’s composed of ten tracks, each and every one masterly crafted according to the experimental sonic ideal of TRPTYCH.

Starting with a sublime tune ‘Let The Right One In’, this 3-minute journey carefully folds in elements of Ambiental techno. It’s a cohesive and solid work , yet quite variegated in terms of sonic influences and spiced up with haunting female vocals.

Up next is ‘Consolidated’. This track has a tenacious sonic attitude done by the artist, who perfectly shows his experience and skillfulness by continuously shifting the sonic moods.

Continuing with the dreamy gentleness ‘Light Out’ sounds like perfecting the intricate balance between light and dark. The track is almost dreamlike at moments, and haunting as female whispers continue.

‘Tell Me’ is a proper peak time techno representative of this album. This dancefloor-ready track will strike you with incredible complexity and sensibility without compromising the powerful mind-blowing techno that truly stands out from the crowd.

Up next is ‘Time With You’ which continues the album’s theme of whispering. You can hear the experimental, spacey, emotional tune of the stunning harmonic masterpiece.

The previous track created a perfect anti-climax as ‘Hrygna’ is not at all peaceful. The track feels like a hybrid of melodic and uplifting techno and raw industrial sound, all spiced up with classical instruments.

‘So Much Love’ brings intensity but stays true to the elements from previous tracks which will make listeners feel like they are on a culminating sonic journey.

Up next we have a heavy blaster ‘World’ with an atmosphere of heavily industrial. Synth riffs tend to bubble under the surface, capped by frothing noises giving the impression of being underwater. This one has an intoxicating prospect.

‘Theme From R.Edge’ is calming the storm and slowly pulsating. Yet again vocals add to the ambiance, telling a one-minute tale that teases and floats along with the beat hypnotically.

The release closes with ‘Stay’. The searing melody which is riddled with the deep energy and sharp breaks closes out this journey channeling the uplifting moment of being on the dancefloor at 5 a.m.

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